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15 years of Experience

One, Two, And Three Bedroom Houses are part of a new collection.

Celebrating construction features that have just been laid down, artistic architecture, and tranquil landscapes. Inside and outer aesthetics have significance at Oak Mount Homes.





As the changing form ascends, from wood features to mullioned windows to recessed upper levels, contemporary architecture by Oak Mount Homes Exudes warmth and weightlessness.


The attention to detail, aesthetic design, and beauty are the common threads that run throughout each contour home.

Interior Design

The core of Modern Style 


Vancouver has always been a sought-after location to call home and is well-known for its peaceful residential streets adjacent to a plethora of facilities.

The Oak Mount Home is located in the family-friendly neighbourhood, and several prestigious schools are within the catchment area.


Granville Street, which is close by, is lined with stores, services, and restaurants, and the rebuilt Oakridge Shopping Centre, noted for its upmarket businesses, is only a few minutes away.

Oak Mount serves as a major entrance to downtown Vancouver, and nearby Canada Line stations on Cambie Street make navigating the area simple..

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